Cafe Shops in Taipei

More cafes are located in the area around Renai Road, Section 4 and Dunhua South Road. There are also some interesting and characterful places between Yongkang Park and Chaozhou Street, and in the alleys ...

Juice Bar in Taipei

Nothing is better on a hot and humid Taipei day than a refreshing glass of juice made from a huge assortment of fresh fruit!

Tea houses in Taipei

Taiwan's speciality tea is High Mountain Oolong and Tieguanyin

Two Fish Cafe

This Café is rather a coffee house than just a coffee shop.

I Swear Cafe

Located near Taipower Building on Roosevelt road section 3 lane 283, I swear cafe is one of the finer restaurant cafes in Taipei. Tai-power building is pretty much the biggest building in this area and its ...

Dexter cafe

Located across from Rong Shin garden near Taipei domestic airport, Dexter café is one of Taipei's popular internet coffee shops. Dexter café is on Minchuan East road section 3 five minutes walk ...