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Huaxi St. Night Market

Located near Longshan Temple, Huaxi Street Night Market is the first tourist night market in Taiwan, and it’s famous for varieties of seafood delicacies and uniqueness of “snakes”. The entrance of the night market is occupied by a Chinese traditional construction, with red lanterns hanging to create a distinctive national feature. The shops along both sides of the street are time honored shops including famous Taiwan snacks, and fine dining restaurants.

The famous Taiwanese snacks in Huaxi Street Night Market include Dan-tsu noodles, cuttlefish thick soup, pork thick soup and many others. The specialties of this night market are snakes. Snake is believed by the locals that it is a very nutritious source of food. Snakes can be served in different methods: soup, medicine, wine, and cooked dishes. Once in a while, some of the snake restaurants will perform snake shows to allure crowds.

Other than enjoy all kinds of delicious food, tourists may enjoying massage services at some massage stores in the night market. It is great to be relaxed and relieved after a big feast of delicacies and a long day tour. With explorations of vivid and lively atmosphere in the night market, you may understand more of Taiwan local culture.
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