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Raohe St. Night Market

With a well-organized management committee and planned public facilities, the Raohe St. Night Market boasts numerous delicious cuisines and snacks to allure people from all over the place to visit. There is also a mascot for the night market which is an “owl”, meaning lively and attentive at night, just like the lifestyle of vendors.

Raohe St. Night Market is always filled with local citizens and tourists looking for lip smacking delicacies. Famous and popular snacks of Raohe St. Night Market include tofu pudding, fried spareribs, Stew Ribs with Herbs, Crispy Pepper Baked Pie (Húji?o b?ng), vermicelli in starched soup with oyster, etc. Furthermore, the variety of exotic dishes may also satisfy your taste buds. Apart from various delicious snacks and cuisines, shopping is another interesting activity of this night market.

With abundant foods and commodities, Raohe St. Night Market is frequently crowded by tourists and local residents.
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