Taipei Joint Bus System

The Taipei Joint Bus System  is a bus system that serves the greater metropolitan area of Taipei, Taiwan. It is administered by the Taipei Joint Bus Service Management Center, the Taipei City Traffic Bureau, and the New Taipei City Traffic Bureau (formerly Taipei County Traffic Bureau), and is operated by 15 private agencies. It is composed of two system of Taipei City and New Taipei City, with same numbering and fare system.

Each bus operating agency participating in the joint alliance formed a committee overseeing a joint-venture management center. Operationally, the stops and waiting areas are shared between the individual operators. While ticketing and fare structures are universal within the alliance, each operator remains sovereign with its own structure, assets, revenue vehicles, and legal liabilities. Financially, all the revenue generated are collected to the management then distributed to operating agencies to meet their individual expenditure needs.

Furthermore, Taipei City Traffic Bureau makes a bi-annual service quality evaluation on each of the operating agencies, and using the evaluation as a reference in operator's application for new routes as well as the public transit subsidization. New Taipei City Traffic Bureau evaluates New Taipei-administered operators separately.
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